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Has COVID-19 ‘Killed’ Out-of-Home Advertising in Africa?


Before the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising industry was optimistic about growth.

An industry that is heavily dependent on busy roads and packed transport centers is facing serious challenges. If you drive around town, you will notice the many empty billboards awaiting rental.

In 2018, several reports predicted growth in the Industry in the next five years.

Now, the story is different.

A recent edition of the PwC Global Entertainment & Media Outlook report (2020-2024) reveals that the Advertising industry will be the “hardest hit by the pandemic and the slowest to recover until 2022.”

The emergence of COVID-19 has seen the introduction of government-imposed lockdowns, school shutdowns and a prevalence of employees working from home.

The implication of this is a drastic reduction of traffic and eyeballs on the streets. People have turned increasingly to social media and streaming services to stay connected and entertained during quarantine, which also means that advertising in these spaces has shot up.

Slow imports and rising costs of doing business also hit advertisers hard and advertising budgets have become an easy target to cut and reduce costs.

Out-of-Home (OOH) advertising is done with the intention of showcasing business products and services to reach consumers outside their homes. So, what happens to OOH advertising now that consumers are staying at home more and attending fewer social events?

There is Hope for the OOH Industry in Africa

“Out-of-Home Advertising Companies need to reposition themselves to cope with the expected boom in advertising when COVID-19 is under control.”NORBERT RUFU, CEO, DDP OUTDOOR LTD.

OOH Advertising in Africa is one of the thriving industries that drive economic growth on the continent, providing employment to several people.

OOH is a high-demand channel in most African markets like Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana, Egypt, and Kenya.

An undeniable truth is that COVID-19 has had a devastating blow on business growth and the economic health of many countries. OOH will need to transform itself to remain relevant after the pandemic.

Due to the pandemic, incredible opportunities have presented themselves on the Continent. Opportunities that shape our appreciation of OOH, transform how we perceive and purchase advertising products and transform how we measure the effectiveness of OOH campaigns.

Digital Out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, which is fast growing across the globe, may become highly significant to the African market than it is currently.

7 Reasons Why You Should Choose Out-of-Home Advertising

  1. A guarantee that people will see your ads. Now that the COVID-19 vaccine is available, airport, billboard, and transit advertising are bouncing back to life, and travel and commuting are increasing rapidly.
  2. Increasing competition from brands over customized placements that only OOH media offer. Many brands will require maximum exposure to stand out and cultivate confidence in their consumers. Don’t be left out!
  3. Repeated message views as people commute each day.
  4. Brands can use well-placed outdoor advertising to tell their company story and create instant recognition for their growing firm.
  5. Outdoor advertising makes a lasting impression on consumers.
  6. Comparatively, OOH is cheaper than other forms of media.
  7. OOH complements advertising in other mediums hence it reinforces the message and builds your brand.

You need a solid OOH partner to support you get to your customers. To build your brand, and promote top-of-mind awareness of your products and services, advertise with DDP Outdoor Limited.

DDP Outdoor is specialized in building brands using OOH media like Billboard and Airport advertising. They are available to help you achieve those business goals and ensure that your ads are visible in Ghana.


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